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viral loop review


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Oh, do you know the product called Viral Loop? This is the so powerful product, I think so. And, how can I say so? I have a chance to try this product and feel great. It brought me the huge profit, I don’t remember how much I earned from this product but my friend says that it is the hugest one I have had. And, that is ok.

For this reason, today I am here to share you more about the Viral Loop. In this Viral Loop review, I would like to mention overview, introduction and especially its powerful features that you should not ignore.


viral loop review



viral loop review

Product:         Viral Loop

Vendor:          Cindy Donovan et al

Launch Time:        11:00 EDT

Launch Date:         28th March 2016

Niche:    Social Media

Front-End Price:       $37

viral loop review

About Author


viral loop review


Cindy Battye is the founder of the product. Your woman is a talent developer who is sold with a huge amount of successful products such as Text Deliver, LevelX, video Overplay. Cindy is considering online marketing that she quit originating from her study and targets her newly launched organization. This kind of online hobby-project grew to be the inspiration and later achievements for Cindy. In Might 2015 Cindy exited INTERNET MARKETING Prosperity Builders to begin after this kind of exciting new venture: Wildfire Concepts, developing even more WordPress themes and extension cables, but also expanding to SaaS creation.


Viral Loop is an all-in-one WordPress Theme that allows turning regular website visitors into the responsive members & special content creators. It provides custom profiles and simply builds new content. Then, it sharing it with their social circles for big, unstoppable viral traffic generation. Thanks to this super simple post creator, you can get your own viral, posts that help you earn the big amount of capital up during just 60 seconds or less!

Why don’t join us on April 28th (at 11a.m Eastern) to earn up to $128.25 each sale and to helps us promote our feature packed  WordPress theme?

Top Features of Viral Loop

 viral loop review

Designed with the full wizard and tutorials, this Viral Loop can step by step help you reach your goal. We built these wizard and tutorials to support you install or set up something easily and quickly.



Flexible themesviral loop review

All these themes in this Viral Loop are flexible and changeable. You can change everything so that it can meet your expectation. This can be the world of your creation. Therefore, you can freely think as well as do what you think. This sounds great, isn’t it?


Advertise multiple bannersviral loop review

You can upload and rotate banners on the pre-tested prime place.This is proven to maximize the CTR of yours. Here, you can put more cash in your pockets with the help of this function. This will be your chance of the make money lots. With the help of Viral Loop, you can easily make your pockets thicker and thicker. No one wants to refuse to enrich their treasure, right?



Enable/disable membership signupsviral loop review

Viral Loop permits the visitors to become their members. This is convenient because no one wants to see something they like. This function lets the users have the chance of approaching things. From that, they can design and share their own lists to the others. Then, you will take full control over your growing membership and deliver data for each member of the website.


Lead capture or AR integrationviral loop review

Viral Loop can connect the auto-responders to capture the email address of every new member while they create their accounts. Then, you have a chance to follow up them and much more monetize your blog. This is a thing all of us are hoping for, right?


Customer Profiles

Your memberships will receive a profile page. This page displaying their collectionviral loop review encourage them to share it through any means of social media for more viral reaches. They can also get hands-free traffics quickly and effectively.



Display message

Admin can display the number of different custom’s messages to theviral loop review logged-in members or even thenew visitors. This both keeps the old member and broaden the number of fresh or newbie members. From that, you can approach the large of audiences.  This thing is perfect to serve the aim of keeping members up to date with the latest news that you posted and broaden for them the opportunities and enticing new visitors to register.



Social mediaviral loop review

This function lets you link your own profiles to the social media link. This is to increase your followers who follow your posts. This is to enlarge the range in which people can approach you posts.


Social sharingviral loop review

Just by one click activation, you can activate social buttons on all parts of the potential viral content.To leverage this function, you have to include the lists themselves and the list item within those lists.


Theme monetizationviral loop review

By having an option powered by viral loop affiliate links added and optional affiliate banners.These links and themes can benefit you so much.




I mean …

you’re getting:


Why should not you ignore Viral Loop?

  • Why can you miss the powerful that can maximum your number of traffics? This is “shouldn’t”. Viral Loop is so important for those who want to make in the online marketing field, right? With the help of this software, can you boost your marketing online? Of course, you can, even so quick and effective.
  • The price of this Viral Loop is not expensive at all, $37 only. This is the lowest price of Viral because it is “have-been-launched” product. BUT, after only 3 days of launching, the price must be much higher, about two folds or even multiple. Do you want to wait for the higher price?

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But That‘s not all.If you’ve ever purchased any of our previous products – you’ll now we like to give   you the whole kingdom…and not just the keys to the castle.That’s why we’ve put together 3 amazing bonuses to compliment ViralLoop and give you that extra boost for your viral blogs.



Free updates – FOR LIFE.

Get grandfathered in for all future releases including v2, v3 etc. You can update via your WordPress admin area using the built-in updater, so you can always be assured that you have the latest version on your blog.




WordPress 101 course

Don’t have a blog? No problem. I’ve put together a super simple to follow, 11 video training course to allow you to get your first website set up quickly and without any stress.



Exclusive ViralLoop Webinar Event

We are going to be putting on an exclusive webinar event for all our customers to show you exactly how we use ViralLoop in our day to day business and how you can get the maximum potential out of it!



viral loop review


Viral Loop is backed by our
no-risk, iron-clad

We are so confident that you’ll LOVE Viral Loop that we want you to try it out on as many sites as you like – and if you don’t see a huge traffic spike or if you aren’t getting more sign ups and sales, just request your money back and our friendly support team will refund your purchase, no drama.



Viral Loop review – Conclusion

This Viral Loop review has mentioned you a lot of important information about Viral Loop – A social media software that helps you sharply increase the number of followers. If you want to maximize the number of you traffics, order this Viral Loop soon for the soonest using.

AND, remember to buy this product through our site. By this, you can get extra bonuses that you may need to support this Viral Loop for the best usage.

Thank you for your reading this Viral Loop Review.


viral loop review


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viral loop review

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After reading my Viral Loop Review, are you clear about this amazing products? If you have any question, you let me know by leaving some comments below. I will reply you immediately .Many special extra Viral Loop bonuses will be given for 15 first owners of this product in the launch day only. Hurry up, let’s grab Viral loop right now.